The Junior BTM 2022 Rules

  2. Event will run March 10 through July 18 at The Gold Coast in Las Vegas. 3 Games on same pair of lanes. Squad times are same as The BTM.
  3. All Athletes will receive a COMPLIMENTARY SUBSCRIPTION TO compliments of Bill Sempsrott and Bowling This Month. A $42.95 VALUE.
  4. ELIGIBILITY: Open to all bowlers 18 years old and younger at time of bowling.
  5. DIVISIONS: There is a scratch and handicap division for boys and girls. The divisions will consist of one for athletes 18 years old and younger at time of bowling and one for athletes 15 and under at time of bowling. Multiple entry is allowed. Athletes can bowl both handicap and scratch but not with the same entry. Handicap will be based on 90% of their average and 200. Average used will be highest average for 2020, 2021 or 2022 at time of bowling with a minimum of 18 games.
  6. Singles entry fee will be $50 with $30 going to scholarship fund and $20 for bowling/expenses. Scholarships will be awarded based on 1 for every 5 paid entries.
  7. ADULT/YOUTH DOUBLES—Same divisions for youth as singles will team with an adult partner over the age of 18. Handicap will be based on individual averages based on 90% of 200. Entry fee will be $100 per team with $70 to prize fund and $30 for bowling fees/expenses. Prize fund will be returned 100% in scholarships and merchandise.
  8. DRESS CODE: Please be neat and be comfortable. Bowling jerseys are encouraged.
  9. This event is NOT USBC certified but all USBC rules will be followed.
  10. DRESS CODE— Please be neat and comfortable. Bowling Jerseys are recommended.
  11. Refer to rule number #1 - HAVE FUN AND ENJOY